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Find Out How Virginia Workers Can Recover Their Unpaid Wages

Everyone has rights and protections in Virginia when it comes to wage theft, regardless of their background or job. The Unpaid Wage Lawyers at Zipin, Amster & Greenberg are here to assist you if you have been a victim of wage theft and help you recover every cent that is rightfully owed to you.

Understand Your Legal Options From Virginia Unpaid Wages Lawyers

Whether you have experienced wage theft from not being paid wages, overtime, or commissions, our employment lawyers are ready to help. We have assisted thousands of workers like you to recover their unpaid wages and receive the maximum compensation possible. Let us help you understand the different facets of wage theft and how the laws in Virginia can help.

Virginia Laws That Protect Victims of Unpaid Wages

For decades, the state of Virginia has enacted laws and protections for workers that let them receive the full amount they earn.

For example, Virginia’s recent Wage Theft Laws, such as the Virginia Wage Payment Act (VWPA) and Virginia Overtime Wage Act (VOWA), are designed to empower workers in numerous ways, such as providing them with the legal right to recover unpaid wages in court, potential awards of double and/or triple the amount of wages due, as well as protection from employer retaliation for workers who exercise their rights under these laws.

By using both Virginia laws and federal protections such as the  Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), the unpaid wage lawyers at Zipin, Amster & Greenberg can help victims like you receive maximum compensation.

Virginia Wage Theft Lawyers Who Know Your Rights

Our lawyers have a combined six decades of experience with wage theft cases. This has allowed us to help countless Virginia workers who aren’t fully paid for the time they work, no matter who they are or what industry they work in.

This includes, but is not limited to, those who:

  1. Are not being paid for all of the hours worked
  2. Do not receive overtime pay (1 1/2 times their normal rate) for hours worked over 40 in a week
  3. Do not receive at least the minimum wage and/or tips
  4. Have unauthorized deductions taken from pay
  5. Suffer from or are required by their employer to agree to illegal forfeitures from pay
  6. Have paychecks that bounce
  7. Are being misclassified as an independent contractor.

For more info on wage theft, visit our Virginia wage theft page.

Attorneys Who Help Virginia Workers Receive Their Unpaid Commissions

Some Virginia workers rely heavily on commissions, such as those with sales jobs. However, employers may make the mistake of thinking they can get away with not paying their workers the full commissions they’ve earned by taking unauthorized deductions from earned commissions, refusing to pay earned commissions, misclassifying workers, or by using other perceived loopholes.

If you’re a victim of unpaid commissions, there are specific laws in Virginia that protect your right to be paid your entire commission.

Find out what protections exist for unpaid commissions victims in Virginia.

Unpaid Overtime Lawyers in Virginia That Are Ready to Help

If your Virginia employer wants you to work before or after your shift begins, during a lunch break, or while at home, but does not pay you for that time, then you might be the victim of unpaid wages and/or overtime.

Let our unpaid overtime lawyers use Virginia state laws along with federal laws to form a strategic approach that will help you take back control after being pressured by your employer to work without being paid.

Learn what else constitutes unpaid overtime and how our lawyers can help you.

Unpaid Wages Lawyers Who Know Virginia’s Laws

At Zipin, Amster & Greenberg, we combine our thorough understanding of Virginia’s employment laws with our decades of experience to help wage theft victims like you win their case.

Let us use the full power of the state and federal legal system to ensure you receive the compensation you are entitled to, regardless of who you are, what your job is, or your country of origin.

In fact, our entire staff and half of our lawyers are fluent in Spanish in order to put all of our clients in control of their case and its progress.

Virginia’s Unpaid Wages Attorneys Who Know How To Win

At Zipin, Amster & Greenberg, our attorneys successfully recover unpaid wages for hundreds of workers every year, with payouts in the millions of dollars.

But what matters most to us is being able to achieve justice for our clients who come from various backgrounds and industries. We consider it an honor to help them receive the compensation they deserve after being taken advantage of.

Let us guide you through the entire legal process as we deploy our legal knowledge and experience to ensure you receive the full compensation you deserve.

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No matter what took place at work, you have rights in Virginia to receive your unpaid wages–including if you are an undocumented worker. Zipin, Amster & Greenberg are ready to provide legal assistance for workers like you.

With our 60+ years of combined experience as wage theft attorneys, we’re ready to help you receive justice and get the full compensation that’s owed to you. You don’t need to disclose your immigration status to receive legal help with your unpaid wages.

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