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Wrongful Termination

The attorneys at Zipin, Amster & Greenberg have helped numerous clients pursue wrongful termination claims. Wrongful termination occurs when an employee is terminated illegally.

“At Will” Employment

The term wrongful termination can be misleading because in the District of Columbia, Maryland, and most other states, employees are considered “at will” if there are no specific agreements or terms of employment. This means that the employee works at the will of the employer and the employer can terminate the worker for any reason at any time; likewise, an employee may resign at any time.

The “at will” rule allows an employer to terminate employees for almost any reason. The exceptions to this rule are: 1) when an employer discharges an employee in violation of federal or state anti-discrimination laws because of age, race, gender, religion, national origin, pregnancy status, marital status, sexual orientation, or disability; 2) when the employee has a contract of employment; and 3) when the termination violates the public policy of the state for example, being fired because you filed a worker’s compensation claim, even though the law allows you to file such a claim if you are injured on the job.


Reasons For Termination

If you were not terminated based on discrimination, in breach of an employment contract, or in violation of public policy, employers may terminate you for any other reason, or no reason at all. This means that employers may fire you for reasons that may seem capricious and arbitrary, as long as they do not terminate you for an illegal reason.


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