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Retaliation occurs when an employer takes adverse actions against an employee because the latter complained about harassment, discrimination, or some other violation of a workplace law (such as a health and safety law or a wage and hour law).

Workplace Retaliation Claims

Retaliation laws may protect employees who participate in an investigation of the above-mentioned problems. For example, an employer may not punish an employee for giving a statement to a government agency that is looking into another employee’s harassment claim. Retaliation complaints commonly involve demotion, suspension, termination, workplace discipline, salary or wage reduction, negative employment evaluations, changes in job assignment, transfer, or hostility by the employer or other employees toward the employee in question.


Retaliatory Actions

Many actions that place an employee in an unfriendly working environment are considered retaliatory. For example, moving an employee from a well-lit, comfortable working environment to a dark, cramped corner that lacks the proper office equipment or resources to do his or her job may be considered retaliation. Whistleblower laws may protect employees from retaliation even if they were not involved in the original behavior that lead to the complaint.


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