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For decades, Zipin, Amster & Greenberg have helped thousands of clients with their legal issues at the workplace. Yet, we always make sure that each client gets treated like our only client by providing the care and attention they deserve.

We understand the importance of having employment attorneys who fight for you using the specific laws established for your protection. Take a look at the different areas of employment law we practice to see how we can help you.

Wage and Overtime Violations

The wages you earned should never be wrongfully withheld by your employer. At Zipin, Amster & Greenberg, our wage theft lawyers have a comprehensive knowledge of the protections available to help you get justice. Trust us to fight for you to recover your lost wages.

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Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)

The EEOC’s purpose is to prevent workplace discrimination. However, a skilled employment lawyer like those with Zipin, Amster & Greenberg know the most effective ways to utilize this agency.

Our employment law attorneys understand how to help discrimination victims receive justice from this agency to prove their discrimination case. Trust us to guide you through the legal process.

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Non-Compete Agreements

Our non-compete agreement lawyers can provide guidance and experience in drafting an agreement that safeguards your business interests without unduly limiting your employees’ options.

We will work with you to create a comprehensive agreement that covers all necessary areas and provides maximum protection. Our lawyers can also guide your employees in understanding the agreement terms and making informed decisions about their obligations under the agreement.

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Employment Discrimination

You have the right to be treated based on your qualifications and work performance–not according to your racegender, agedisabilityethnicity and national originsexual orientation, gender identity, pregnancy, or religion.

The employment law attorneys at Zipin, Amster & Greenberg can help you receive justice via state and federal protections that help us effectively pursue discrimination and wrongful discharge claims on your behalf.

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Sexual Harassment

Our employment lawyers At Zipin, Amster, & Greenberg take sexual harassment seriously, even though your employer may not. We can assist you in obtaining justice by using legal protections from both state and federal levels.

Let us create a legal strategy to help you recover from the harm you have endured at work. If you are unsure whether an incident constitutes harassment, our team can also provide guidance and support.

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Hostile Work Environment

You have legal protection against unwelcome, offensive conduct in the workplace. Our employment law attorneys at Zipin, Amster, & Greenberg are prepared to help you understand your rights and options. Trust us to provide authoritative guidance throughout the legal process.

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

You have rights regarding job training, hiring, firing, advancement, application procedures, compensation, and other conditions and privileges of employment, as well as many other protections thanks to the Americans With Disabilities Act, which was created to protect employees from discrimination based on their disability.

If you are facing discrimination that violates the ADA, seek help from the employment lawyers at Zipin, Amster, & Greenberg.

Find out how our employment attorneys can help you take full advantage of the ADA »

The Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

You have federally protected rights under the Family Medical Leave Act if you or a family member need to care for a newborn child.

The employment law lawyers at Zipin, Amster, & Greenberg have handled FMLA cases for years and can provide legal help if your rights have been violated.

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Wrongful Termination

If you’ve been wrongfully terminated or your employer violated your employee agreement, we’re ready to help. Our team of employment lawyers at Zipin, Amster & Greenberg are experienced and knowledgeable about federal and state laws regarding wrongful termination.

We know what constitutes wrongful termination and how to get you the compensation you deserve. Trust us to fight on your behalf.

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Equal Pay for Equal Work

Equal pay for equal work is a fundamental right for every worker. Regardless of who you are, you deserve fair compensation. If you’ve been a victim of wage discrimination, the employment attorneys at Zipin, Amster & Greenberg can help you get justice.

Whistleblower Litigation

As a whistleblower, you have the right to report violations of the law in your workplace to a government agency. Federal protections ensure your safety and security in this process.

Learn how our employment attorneys can help you in pursuing your whistleblower claims against your employer »

Workplace Retaliation

When it comes to reporting discrimination, harassment, or any injustice at work, you have rights–not your employer. Retaliation against you is unacceptable and illegal.

Our employment lawyers at Zipin, Amster & Greenberg have the knowledge and experience needed to guide and support you in receiving justice and compensation.

Learn how our employment attorneys can help with retaliation at work »

Breach of Employment Contracts

If one party has breached the terms of an employment contract or neglected their responsibility, seek the aid of our employment attorneys.

At Zipin, Amster & Greenberg, we will analyze the contract and determine the best course of action by utilizing applicable state and federal laws. Trust us to help you rectify the situation.

The Employment Attorneys That Get Results

At Zipin, Amster & Greenberg, our focus is employment law. We possess a comprehensive knowledge of all aspects of employment laws and protections–as well as how to best utilize them to win your case.

As a result, we’ve helped thousands of clients recover tens of millions of dollars in compensation and settlements. Let us provide you with every legal advantage to ensure you receive the maximum compensation you are entitled to.

Employment Lawyers With The Experience You Can Trust

For nearly two decades, Zipin, Amster & Greenberg’s employment lawyers have been settling cases and winning awards for our clients. Our extensive knowledge and experience in employment law allows us to fight for justice for a wide variety of employment matters. Trust us to help you get the compensation you deserve.

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