Maryland Non-Compete Agreement Lawyers

Factors To Consider When Signing A Non-Compete Agreement

Before you sign a non-compete agreement take some time to think about what is being asked of you in the document. It is important for you to know the legal requirements for non-compete agreements and what does and does not make sense pertaining to you and your position. If your employer makes unreasonable requests in the agreement, you do not have to accept them. An experienced employment law attorney can negotiate for more reasonable terms.


Legal Guidance for Non-Compete Agreements

Employers have the right to protect their interests. The covenant not to compete (CNC) or non-compete contract has a purpose, and you have the right to insure it does not overstep the intended bounds. The CNC must have a reasonable amount of time stipulated and must cover a sensible amount of territory. If your employer is in Virginia and you decide to move to Los Angeles, banning you from competing on the other side of the country may not be rational.

Time limits on the CNC must be reasonable as well and the employer needs to establish what constitutes potential harm to their business. In some instances, an employee’s job may have no impact on the employer’s business. In other cases, there may be critical information which if allowed to get out, could have serious consequences for the business.

Is it so stringent that you will be forced to relocate to find a job in your field? Is it such that you will not be able to use your skills or expertise for an extended amount of time? If not, how long will you have to refrain from doing that which you do best? The attorneys at Zipin, Amster and Greenberg will work on your behalf to make sure the non-compete agreement will not hinder your ability to find adequate employment.


Non-Compete Negotiations

Refusing to sign on general principal is generally not in your best interest. It may send the wrong message to your employer. Asking for time to read over the document and review it with your attorney is totally reasonable. If there are points with which you do not agree, your attorney can negotiate for something more suitable. You are going to be bound by this contract once you sign it. It is crucial for you to ensure that the final draft is a contract you can manage.


Consult with our Non-Compete Agreement Lawyers

You may not be aware of hidden restrictions contained in a CNC. You also may not think of future scenarios in which the contract will prevent you from moving forward or upward. These are some of your top reasons to hire a Non-Compete Attorney to represent you.

Your attorney has your best interest in mind and will help you draft an agreement that will remove unnecessary restrictions and allow for flexibility under special circumstances. A non-compete attorney can make suggestions to put you in the best possible position if you sign the document.

For excellent counsel and clear direction when it comes to signing a non-compete agreement, contact Zipin, Amster and Greenberg L.L.C. We have the expertise in non-compete agreements to help you protect your interests and wellbeing while preserving the integrity of the employer’s intent to protect the business. Before you sign, give us a call